Kevin has a diverse background in many different styles of food, but for the past 10 years his focus has been on plant-based and vegan cuisine.   Whether he’s cooking in restaurants, on movie sets, teaching classes, or catering for large groups or individuals, he is consistently wowing his customers with the depth of flavour and savouriness that can be achieved with plant-based food.  His food in un-apologetic and lacks nothing in flavour, texture or aroma, while still eschewing all animal products.


With all of his dishes, health and simple quality ingredients are at the core of his approach and he prefers to use whole ingredients rather than anything overly processed or pre-made. He loves to use the bounty of fresh vegetables and plant food along with bold cooking techniques and the patient timing of fermented accompaniments such as sauces, krauts or plant-based cheeses.  You will often see him making fresh stuffed pastas and other Mediterranean favorites, 72-hour sourdough breads, along with not overly sweet desserts presented on his menus and Instagram feed. 


Kevin is ready to serve you and craft a perfect menu for your next event.



Whether it's a cocktail hour, dinner event, or party, I can help make your event a success.

Private Chef Services

Ever wanted to have food made for you on a regular basis?  I can customize a meal plan based on your preferences and needs.

(*NOTE* I am currently not accepting new clients)


I can teach individually, or for a group.  Whether it's fresh pasta, vegan desserts, cooking fundamentals or anything else.



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